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A traditional build of a 75 year old design.

In 1934, the yacht designers Francis Belknap and Frank Paine of Boston designed a 31’ unique cruising knockabout for Paul Mooney, of Medford. Moonbeam (Design #365) was built and launched by Frank Jesse of Plymouth, Massachusetts.

In searching for a gentleman’s criteria for such a boat, a very traditionally built sloop that he and his wife could sail around New England and Nova Scotia, this design was rediscovered by the curator of the Hart Nautical Collections at the MIT Museum, Kurt Hasselbalch, and master Boatwright, Dave Corcoran. The latter finished the plank-on-frame hull in Arundel, Maine in the fall of 2006; however, he tragically died in early 2007 before he could see his exquisite craftsmanship come to fruition.

Through a mutual friend and a launch named Rosie (which also resides in the Bras D’Or Lakes and was completely restored by E.M.Crosby Boatworks in 2000), Amanda came to Cape Cod to be completed. The hull arrived in the fall of 2007 and was launched on May 17, 2008.

Amanda’s construction is cedar on oak, with mahogany house sides, coamings and trim. Her decks are sprung teak over dynelled plywood.  She is run by a Thoosa electric motor, perhaps the equivalent of a 10hp gasoline engine.  She has sitka spruce spars in which the hardware was cleverly designed by Belknap and Paine.  They designated it to be of all bronze flat stock, omitting the need for casting. The interior has been keenly engineered and designed by her owner.

Amanda is a wonderful example of traditional design and craftsmanship…she now resides in the Bras D’Or Lakes.


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