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19’6” Modified Banks Dory (1 of 2 built concurrently in 2015 at E.M.Crosby Boatworks for a single customer). Designed by Bob Wastrom, Master Boat Wright

For appearance sake, the lines of these twin dories are deeply rooted in the fishing and Coast Guard rescue history of Coastal New England and the Canadian Maritimes of Nova Scotia and Labrador.

For the needs and desires of our client, they were a safe, seaworthy, and trailerable design that his two growing boys could use to gunkhole and fish from in the waters near their summer home in Baddeck, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

But…that’s where the simplicity of his notions stopped. Perhaps some concept of propulsions that did not involve traditional oars and thole pins or for that matter an outboard or internal combustion engine… How about incorporating some new emerging technology like electric propulsions, all in a package that could be disguised or hidden within the boat’s traditional appearance???

Given those ideas, the picture thread outlines our efforts to create that dream…

The result: a 19’6” historicaly steeped design that incorporates a modern, marine electric pod drive with a tiller. All this powered by a 24 volt lithium ion battery system, neatly and creatively hidden within the structure of the vessel. Additional features include the ability to raise the pod up into the well for trailering or beaching purposes. A portable, waterproof-cased charging system that can be carried aboard for remote charging purposes and when all else fails…a set of oars. Speeds of 5-7 knots have been achieved with running times of 5-10 hours.

The below photos give a better overview of our endeavors and achievements in light of our client’s wishes.


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