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“I just loved sailing my Senior…” a passionate owner of the 25 foot gaff-rigged sloop said, “I used to have competitions with myself to see how many days I could sail it in a summer. I was out there roughly 45-46 days each year. I’d race on the weekends, but more importantly, I’d sail during the week and I loved that more than racing…” he recounted.

“I would go out and sail about 4 to 5 hours and cover anywhere from 20 to 25 nautical miles…There’s plenty of room on a Senior, it accommodates large groups easily…my 31 foot sloop I have now only fits 4 people comfortably on a day cruise but on the Senior people can spill out onto the stern, the deck… A Senior is easy to handle, navigation is simple. If there is fog, just sail towards where you think the shore is and when the centerboard hits sand, you tack…I used to camp with my children…we’d go to Tarpaulin Cove or Waquoit…sometimes we’d just stay on the mooring in the harbor…” This enthusiast went on to detail how he started sailing his Aunt’s Senior when he was 14-15 years old and was on his third Senior when it was lost in the fire that destroyed so many Wiannos. “I’d still be sailing now, if it weren’t for the fire… ”

Even though H. Manley Crosby designed and built the Wianno Senior in 1914 upon the request of Osterville residents who were looking for a one-design for the sport of racing, recreational sailing is where the Senior truly shines.  25 feet LOA with a beam of 8 feet and a draft of 2’6” with the centerboard up defines a boat that can easily gunkhole whether carrying a family of 6 for a picnic or a couple on a weekend cruise to the Islands off Cape Cod.

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