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Built in 1936 by Walter Pinaud.

Re-built in 2002 by Ned Crosby.

One of Ned’s favorite spots outside the U.S. is the Bras d’Or Lakes, Nova Scotia.  His family has had a camp close to 50 years near a town called Baddeck.  Over Ned’s sojourns in the past two decades, he soon became friendly with a neighbor, also an expat, who had a lovely little launch named Rosie. She was designed and built by Walter Pinaud, a local yacht designer and former manager of Alexander Graham Bell’s (resident of Baddeck) boat shop.  Rosie has shuttled three generations of her owner’s family to an island located just off Baddeck.  When it came for some work to be done on Rosie, E.M.Crosby Boatworks, 900 miles away, was selected for the location for her restoration. Of note was that her planking consisted of full length (30’) Douglas fir, indigenous to the Lakes.   She was a complete rebuild, with only her original stem remaining. She was re-built with a fir backbone, white oak framing and cedar planking.  All of her brightwork is Honduran mahogany. The original Kermath gas engine has been replaced with an 80hp Yanmar diesel.


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