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An aspect of the majesty and grace of the Wianno Senior is her rig of spars and bronze hardware. E.M.Crosby Boatworks carries all items in inventory and has them available for purchase by emailing info@emcrosbyboatworks.com or calling (508-362-7100).


The technique for spar-making is one that has been passed on for generations.  The below images illustrate our mast construction. It begins with (3) 2” laminates of “aircraft” grade sitka spruce, 26’ long. A tapered pattern is then marked on the four sides and it begins to take shape on the band saw. The four corners of the blank are then power planed off equally, giving the blank eight sides. The remaining corners are hand planed off, resulting in a near round blank…it is then sanded smooth.


One of E.M.Crosby Boatworks’ initial goals, upon being granted permission by the Wianno Senior Class Association to build Seniors, was to begin the process of updating the bronze hardware, specific to the boat’s rig.  At that time, the tooling being used was tired and out of date, resulting in inconsistent and inadequate hardware that was no longer capable of sustaining/supporting the heavy loads created by the Senior’s large sail area of 366 square feet.

Ned spoke to Edson International about beefing up and improving the hardware and they asked E.M.Crosby boatworks to shape, carve and fashion wooden replicas of what they were looking for.  Replicas of all the Senior’s custom hardware were produced and Edson went to work creating the new components.  Pictured are the results of the time-consuming and costly efforts…the new bronze hardware is beautifully strong and functional.

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